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First, thanks for visiting my gallery. It is truly appreciated and I hope you enjoy it!

But, who am I? Just a guy who has been on the move his entire life collecting experiences and stories from around the world and expressing them through various mediums. 

Having lived in six countries on three continents and traveled through several dozen other countries on all but one continent (Antarctica, I am coming for you!) it's easy to see how this has become a defining factor of who I am.

Over the last fifteen years I have been traveling mostly solo and found myself wanting/needing some sense of purpose in doing so. I'm a terrible tourist and can't sit still. Since I've always been the type to seek out unique and beautiful things even where it seems there's none, photography was a very natural creative outlet.  

I am continuously seeking out projects where my skills can be applied. The types of projects that I can be contacted for include:

- Cultural Events (urban & rural)

- Festivals

- Non Governmental Organizations (NGO) and Volunteer Groups

- Media Coverage

- Adventure & Landscape

I look forward to continuing visual story telling and helping others bring their stories to life. After all, though we may only live in the moment briefly, the story lasts lifetimes. 

Jamie Brown

San Diego, California




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